Opening issues

We welcome any issues related to Boson Protocol, on any repository which accepts issues. Generally, we prefer issues which refer to bugs or which are requesting features. At this stage in the development, support issues are also welcomed, as they help us improve our docs. So are general questions, as we can use these to feed content to the FAQ. If asking a general question, we encourage you to suggest that it be added to the FAQ, or open a PR yourself adding it there.

Opening pull requests

All PRs must pass the tests and linting standards for any repository in which they are opened. We have an extensive CI pipeline that keeps everything running well, which depends upon tests passing.

Community calls

We are shortly going to have community calls at a regular cadence. These will be public, recorded and put online for others to watch at their leisure. We will announce these calls in the bosonprotocol/community repository; watch it in order to be notified!

Roadmap planning

One of the most interesting topics we hope to talk about in the community calls is our long-term roadmap. We’re actively interested in having community members as drivers of the protocol. The best way to become involved in our process is to join the community calls and to suggest partnerships, integrations, or features which will lead to a more robust, useful ecosystem for Boson Protocol.

Path to maintainership

As part of the process of becoming integrated in the community, it will eventually make sense to make community members part of the Boson Protocol GitHub organization with access rights and privileges. While we haven’t yet onboarded non-Boson Protocol users to maintainers, that’s just because we’re new. If you feel that you, or (even better) someone else in the community, should have maintainer rights to a project, reach out to the core team on Gitter or privately to talk about next steps forward. We will eventually codify this into a more robust process.

Join the team

Another way of becoming a maintainer is to join the Boson Protocol team directly. Sound fun? Take a gander at our job postings!

Code of Conduct

All of our interactions are governed by our Code of Conduct. Please read and abide by it; you signify that you support and will follow it by interacting in any Boson Protocol space. This helps makes the entire ecosystem more safe, diverse, and equitable for everyone.

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