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Dispute resolution

The Dispute Resolution Phase comprises two sub-phases, the Mutual Resolution phase and the Escalated Dispute resolution phase. If a Buyer raises a dispute, the protocol provides a path for the parties to resolve the conflict via a mutual resolution game, whereby Buyer and Seller negotiate off-chain and ultimately send an on-chain compromise proposal for the division of the escrowed funds.

If mutual resolution succeeds, the protocol automatically divides the escrow as per the mutual agreement. (The mutual resolution game is designed to handle the main payload of disputes in much the same way that chatbots handle first line call center queries).

If mutual resolution fails, the protocol escalates to an external Dispute Resolver (DR). The DR reviews the agreement, claims, evidence requirements and evidence provided. The DR then decides on how to split the funds held in the protocol for the given exchange, based on payout guidelines specified within the Offer contractual agreement.

To read more about the game theory that underlies Boson Protocol's Dispute Resolution module, see the latest White Paper