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Protocol Fee​

Boson Protocol is designed so that all participants share in the value they create, with fees that are sufficient to sustain and grow the project and its ecosystem. Its governance aims to ensure that Boson remains minimally extractive, forever. Boson Protocol v2 implements a minimally extractive Protocol fee that is configurable by the DAO.

The Protocol fee (𝑃𝐹) is levied on the item Price (𝑝) and is charged for successful exchanges only. 𝑃𝐹 is between [0,100] and represents the percentage number of the Item Price that is taken as protocol fee. The fee charged is calculated as 𝑃𝐹 = πΌπ‘‘π‘’π‘š π‘ƒπ‘Ÿπ‘–π‘π‘’ * 𝑃𝐹 / 100

The Protocol fee is set to 0 if Offers are priced in $BOSON.

Protocol fee revenue will be collected by the DAO treasury, where, ultimately, $BOSON holders will vote on how funds are allocated. This is essential to sustain and grow Boson Protocol itself, and the ecosystem of applications and tooling leveraging Boson.


New networks face the bootstrapping problem, where overall utility is low for users if the overall number of users is low. To overcome this bootstrapping problem, Boson Protocol leverages the $BOSON token.

The Boson Protocol DAO will distribute $BOSON tokens to early users to incentivize early adoption of the protocol. This incentivization will continue until Boson Protocol has achieved strong network effects.