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Protocol general properties

  • Permissionless - the protocol is public infrastructure for commerce which anyone can use.
  • Simple - the protocol is simple enough for end users and understandable enough for developers.
  • Reliable and available - in order to be used as ubiquitous commerce infrastructure, the protocol is built natively in the Web3 ecosystem.
  • Open and fair - the protocol has been designed and built to enable progressive decentralization. As a result all early design decisions have taken decentralization into account.
  • Efficient -the protocol minimizes the cost and number of on-chain transactions.
  • Optimistic - the protocol makes optimistic assumptions that the happy path will be followed.
  • Automated - the main dispute resolution payload is handled by the Mutual Resolution game theoretic mechanism, with escalation to a semi-trusted third party (sTTP) Dispute Resolver by exception only.
  • Trust-minimized - involves, for escalated disputes only, an Escalated Dispute Resolver (EDR) who is a commoditized service provider with minimal market power.
  • Cost-mutualized - the cost of the escalated disputes is mutualized across multiple Seller transactions to reduce the cost impact, especially on low value transactions