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First, a small note: your question may not be here. Why? Because we’ve only recently open-sourced this work. That means that questions haven’t been asked, well, frequently. This also means that if you have a question and it’s not here, we encourage you to ask it, and we’ll add it here.

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How can I add my question?

If you have a question, but not the answer, the best place to ask it is on our Gitter channel. Another place you could ask questions is in any of the relevant repositories - however, clarify you’re asking a question and not reporting a bug or proposing a feature. Mentioning that your question would be good for the FAQ, no matter where you ask it, is a good idea, as that highlights that answers should be presented in a format which works for others, too.

The best way to add a question to the FAQ for which you already have an answer is to open a pull request to the repo for this site.

Ultimately, there is no bad way to ask for a question to be added here, and we would love to have questions which are actually frequently asked.

What is Boson Protocol?

Boson Protocol is three things:

  • A protocol, comprised of modular components, for tokenizing Things and thus enabling smart contracts to perform on-chain financial transfers coordinated with the off-chain, often physical, delivery of goods and services.
  • A foundation, currently funded by an external company, Redeemeum, which works on the wider Boson Protocol ecosystem.
  • A wider community of developers working on the protocol.

What is Redeemeum?

Redeemeum is a company that the Boson Protocol team has set up to acquire funding and to directly employ developers. The goal is that this company will work on tools and systems which contribute to the Boson Protocol ecosystem, and that it will eventually be one of many such companies - similar to Ethereum and the Ethereum Foundation, or Protocol Labs and Filecoin.

When is your next token sale?

These docs concern the Boson Protocol codebase and do not relate to token sales. For those questions, you’d best go to our Telegram.

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