Welcome to Boson Protocol. In our Contracts repository you will find a set of Solidity smart contracts that implement the protocol. You are invited to learn more about the project through its code and perhaps test locally how you might use it within your own project. This is version 1 of the Protocol. You will find the addresses of the deployed contracts on Ethereum’s main net and Ropsten test net here.

This version of Boson Protocol is a stepping stone on the way to the release of version 2 of the Protocol next year, which will be accompanied with SDKs and plug-ins to make it easy to integrate. While you may prefer to wait until the new features that will be released in version 2 before building dApps using the Protocol, we encourage you to use the contracts locally and to participate in our bug bounty.

Within this documentation site you will find information about the core concepts and aims of the Protocol, and the site will be updated over time to include instructions and ideas for developing your own dApps using the Protocol.

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