Ecosystem participants


Elementary actor, representing the supply side. Seller makes an offer by minting an ERC-1155 Voucher Set that holds a supply of a specified quantity of assets.

Goals: Offers goods and services and commits to their quality.

Examples: This could be an artist offering a physical counterpart to a cryptoart NFT, or a clothing brand offering a physical counterpart to a wearable in-game NFT.


Elementary actor, representing the demand side. A Buyer taking the offer is implying that a singleton Voucher will be extracted from the originating Voucher Set, thus minting an ERC-721.

Goals: Buys voucher to redeem later for goods or services.

Examples: This could be an art collector wanting to own and display the physical artwork on their wall at home, or a gamer who is not only into crossplay but also cosplay.


Custodial hub for multiple sellers. Aggregators enable sellers, as well as perform basic curation based on their relationship with sellers.

Goals: Sources supply into BOSON network, get rewarded, can take an additional transaction fee from the d2p transaction if appropriate (e.g. special onboarding service, taking on deposits etc).

Examples: This could be a platform or a marketplace, but also independent brokers who implement an appropriate front/backend logic for the Sellers they are onboarding.


“Power buyer”. Has their own end-user app to roam the network and buy vouchers in bulk to then resell later to their non-crypto customers.

Goals: Leverages Boson Protocol’s Voucher infrastructure for their B2C logic.

Examples: This could be an art purveyor which focuses on NFT-keyed artwork from particular artists, which looks for specific NFTs and then bundles them for resale to galleries or at auctions directly.

Developers / projects

We have developed a reference frontend and backend for the v0.1 release. Our aim is to enable and incentivize co-creation in the Boson Ecosystem. We are actively engaged in token engineering and Web3 developer communities and will be offering learning and co-creation opportunities to further the tokenomics, progressive decentralization, as well as the maintenance of the protocol.

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