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Profile Creation

Setting up a seller profile on

The first thing to be done for selling on the Boson marketplace dApp is creating an account - and if you have a Lens profile, you can use it, too! Simply click on Sell on Boson button to get started.

Creating a Seller profile

What is a Lens profile and what are its benefits?

Lens Protocol is a composable and decentralized social graph. It lets creators take ownership of their content wherever they go in the world of Web3. While Boson Protocol allows for the trustless transfer and redemption of physical goods, using Lens allows you to build your reputation and associate yourself and your storefront with your digital presence elsewhere.

If you already have a Lens account, switch the toggle at the top right Link Lens Profile and you will see the Lens handle field is pre-populated with your handle. In the case when connecting your wallet does not detect an existing Lens profile, you will be prompted to create one.

Fill-in the profile details

There are only a few required field that you need to fill-in, such as the logo, cover picture and brand name. Please ensure that each image is smaller than 500kb.

Next, fill out the description field and contact details. Some of the fields are not mandatory, but providing a narrative about your brand will help drive engagement. Unique and collectible items often have an interesting story behind them and buyers like to know about you and your brand – as well as potentially link to your social media to find out more.

Choose your preferred communication method. It is used to coordinate dispatch and delivery with your buyers. It’s also the first point for dispute management.

Note that XMTP is used for the initial communication of buyer's address and you are welcome to use it for all further comms as well. XMTP is a powerful web3 messaging protocol, read more about it here.

Your description and external URLs are shown on the product details page for any offer you create. Your email address is visible on your profile and on any offers you create. Buyers will contact you via this email to ask questions and resolve problems.

You can edit your seller profile at any time by clicking on the seller icon.

Setting royalties

You can optionally specify the percentage amount for secondary royalties that you wish to collect from secondary sales into an address of your choosing.

Note that royalties percentage cannot be changed later.

Setting royalties

Confirm profile creation

As a final step, you have an option to check all the data and finally to confirm it by clicking on Create Seller Account. This invokes a signature request in your wallet which you need to confirm to proceed.

Confirm profile